Дарио Кавара
Dario Kavara
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Гуманитарный портал ''Артбург''

Дарио Кавара


Born in 1969, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Works and lives Oslo, Norway

Education; Academy of Fine Arts - Sarajevo 1990/92
UDK Berlin - Guest student Rebecca Horn

Member of the Norwegian Professional Artists Association (UKS -NBK)

DARIO KAVARA born in Mostar, Herzegovina, the Mediterranean city dividing East and West with its river Neretva and conjoined by the famed Old Bridge. The result of an intercultural marriage, embraced in communist times, and deliberately denounced with the rise of the New Democracies; Kavara, multinational agnostic by birth, witnessed the creation of nationalist lebensraum and the pure race projects imposed on the Bosnian state, as wounded under the siege of Sarajevo and as a refugee from ethnic cleasning.

An étranger, unwillingly subjected to this couture culture experiment of New Europe, he is an extraterrestial by his departure and without a territory of assimilation. Lobotomized by religious indoctrination [Um(Y)Etnos-T], inspired by bio-politics of the secular consciousness, artist has re-activeted a metahpysical reflex(mind-body) to regenerate his own view on the process of cultivation (body- identity) and as a reaction to the progressive madness of the present civilisation (territory-mind).

In his work he fuses events, logos, myths, cities, and people, performing a transfigure or acting in real life situations as an art form(appearance). Critically rethinking almost everything, the artist exhibits in galleries, fashion magazines, daily newspapers, public spaces, or interacts within the art institutions.


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