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Mail Art Book

An international mail-art and artist's book project.

Curator - Mikhail Pogarsky




Concept: In the 60s mail art developed a separate art

direction and at the same time there was a growth of

interest tin the artists book. Mail art and artists books of

that time developed in the wake of a protest movement

against the commercialisation of art and the dictatorship

of the gallery system. Most mail artists of the 60s worked

with the artists book format as well. Some years ago, these

two areas occupied separate niches in contemporary art, but

the point of intersection between them, of course, remains.

Development of a dialogue between mail art and the artists

book is the aim of this project.

Practice: The artists create a mail-art message, dedicated

to the artists book, or vice versa - make an artists book

dedicated to mail-art. All sizes, all techniques

Exposure: The project will be presented in the Museum of Contemporary Art "Erarta" (St.-Petersburg), April, 25 - May, 26, 2013

Documentation: Pages of  website: www.pogarsky.ru

Deadline for sending: December 1, 2012

Address for postal correspondence: Mikhail Pogarsky ul.

Lenina, 31-32, Krasnogorsk, 143404, Russia

Contact: pogarsky@yandex.ru


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News: www.pogarsky.ru

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